Forty years ago the world stood in awe, as Israeli special forces pulled off the most daring hostage rescue mission in history — the Miracle at Entebbe.

Join us as we celebrate this milestone and hear a first hand account from Sassy Reuven.

Sassy Reuven is a veteran of the Israel Defense Force. During the terror-filled years of 1973-1976, Sassy served in the IDF’s "Sayeret Matkal" elite “Red Beret” paratrooper unit. He participated in several covert operations in Israel’s mighty struggle against Arab terrorism. Including "Operation Yonatan" - The raid on Entebbe.

His story is Israel's story: courage, endurance, optimism and a willingness to sacrifice it all for the right to live in freedom.

When: Thursday, June 30th

Cost: RSVP $10, Pay at the door $15, Sponsorship $180.

Where: Chabad Community Campus
3939 Prince William Dr. Fairfax VA 22031

Light refreshments will be served

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