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Dear Friend, 

We would like to offer you an effective business promotion opportunity, that is also a wonderful opportunity to support Chabad.
Practically every Jewish home uses a calendar. Many banks, supermarkets and organizations compete for the yearlong exposure to the Jewish community. The nicest and most practical calendar is what ends up on the wall of thousands of Jewish homes. 

We are therefore developing a calendar, full of exciting holiday information, local Shabbat candle-lighting times, and an array of beautiful full colored thematic Jewish artwork, for the local Jewish community of Reston and Herndon,which surpasses not only the quality standard give-away calendars but also the Jewish art calendars sold in stores. 

If you use this calendar for your own promotion, your ad will be hanging on the walls of  homes and businesses across your targeted market. 

In addition, since this calendar is produced by an educational and social services organization, you are not only promoting your own business in an inexpensive and effective manner, but also promoting the fact that you are supporting one of the local organizations. And all the proceeds will go directly to Chabad and its programs thus there is the benefit of a Mitzvah as well. 

We would greatly appreciate your support. 

Thank you again for your generous assistance in this project and may you be blessed with success in all your endeavors. 

Rabbi Leibel Fajnland